Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) Malang, East Java

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Batu Night Spectacular

Batu Night Spectacular, or BNS Park is near to JatimPark, which is one of the preferred place for recreation in the city of Malang. There are a variety of exciting rides that you can try with your family. Ranging from the exciting rides, scary, until the vehicle is ready to test your nerve to challenge you.

Batu Night Spectacular (BNS), is opened at 15:00 until 02:00 o'clock in the morning. As the name implies, this place is presenting the beauty of Batu city night tour in the mountains with cool atmosphere. You will be pampered with a beautiful lighting on the Batu Night Spectacular or BNS

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Kart Race game
Gaming Facility at BNS
Karting became one of the rides are interesting to try. With a field surrounded kart tires and has an international security standard, you can race karts speed for a moment to feel the sensation of being a racer. Before moving to the go-kart, you will be equipped with a racing outfit complete with helmet as safety equipment this vehicle. Exclaimed once felt driving at high speed on a kart that this agile.
Feel the thrill as well be in the height of the air by riding bicycles. Like the bicycle in general, you can ride my bike to run faster. However, if you want to linger at altitude, you do not have pedaled, because without this bike still encouraged to walk. With this ride, a bonus you can see that there are other rides at the Batu Night Spectacular or BNS from a height that looks like a toy. Also, Malang city views from the top that looks beautiful, especially when it grew dark, the city lights twinkling lights form a beautiful light.

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Haunted House
Here too there is a haunted house that makes visitors want to try it. Visitors can enter the haunted house by foot or by train provided. Then through the tunnels with different situations that can make you afraid.

There are still many other facilities in the Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) that are interesting. For example, Bumper Car, Cinema 4 Dimensions, and the Flying Swinger. In addition, various facilities in this exciting arena to be enjoyed. To be able to enjoy the game that there BNS, visitors must pay the ticket on each vehicle for the game.

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Flying Swinger
Fun and Food at BNS
Besides food court containing a variety of food vendors to fill your empty stomach, Dancing Fountain is entertaining with its songs, as well as the beauty of the Lantern Garden, a park containing beautiful lights of various shapes which look very beautiful at night. If you want to shop, you can visit the souvenir shops that exist.

There is also a laser show on a giant screen that amaze the visitors in the evening. This show brings us like being in outer space.

Areas Batu, Malang, it provides a variety of interesting sights. Freshness in the city of Batu well as various tourist attractions like the Batu Night Spectacular or BNS, would make this area into an attractive tourist destination

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