Sewa Mobil Surabaya to Songgoriti Tourist Area

sewa mobil surabaya wisata taman songgoriti
Sewa Mobil Surabaya to Songgoriti Tourist Area
Located in Batu, Malang, right in the Banyak Mountain are usually used as a sport, paralayang. Tourist destination songgorti this besides having cool beauty park, also equipped with other facilities, swimming pool, there are also boat. and if u want to relax with your family and enjoy giant turtles statue among you. play your play boat dipper, and there are resting place to relax and enjoy the view on songgoriti area, this park open everyday open at 09:00am until 04:00 pm and you can enjoy this park with low costs, only Rp. 7.000,- and then you can enjoy tourist destination songgoriti this until drop. After you finish visited this park, this place has still served various gift, fresh flower, shirts and many more. These are can be found in market near the park.

sewa mobil surabaya wisata songgoritiAt the entrance to the Songgoriti Tourist Area, you will meet a lot of people around who stands to offering villas for rent. Villa rental rates in the area and price ranging from Rp 150,000 per room or even a villa with 2 rooms in a ordinary day. During peak season or holiday season, usually the room or villa rental prices can go up 2 times. If you are not interested in the facilities provided by the villa, there are still many of hotel which can be optional that could be another place to live while on vacation here. In the area of the entrance to the area, you will be charge for retribution Rp. 1,000 for bike and Rp. 2,000 for cars. A lot of places that can be visited in the region, like the swimming pool, thermal baths, and a tourist market that sells a wide range of souvenirs and typical Batu town. You can also find a temple of Majapahit relics Supo Temple which according to the beliefs of the community surrounding, this temple usually for a washing relics ritual.

songgoriti rent carSonggoriti Tourist Market
Located in the front of Villa Nova Songgoriti, tourist market is the main tourist zone in songgoriti, where the many people sell souvenirs, household appliances, a frying pan, cobek, etc. There are also selling a toy for children of good which is made from wood or plastic. From the standpoint of agribusiness, tourist zone is also filled with the seller variegated ornamental plants, flowers and fruits. Even there also pet for sale like rabbits, hamsters, marmots, birds, etc.

sewa mobil songgoritiParagliding/Paralayang
In the this area there are location for the sport of paragliding or paralayang that located at the top of the Banyak Mountain. It cost Rp. 250.000,- and then you can enjoy the beautiful Batu town from the sky. It is sure to be an incredible experience for you who are search for the challenge. At least that's a little bit of an idea of the tourist area in Songgoriti. Interesting isn't it?

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