Sewa Mobil Surabaya to Taman Safari Indonesia II-Prigen

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Sewa Mobil Surabaya to Taman Safari Indonesia II-Prigen is the most suitable tourism place  for those of you who want enjoyed the atmosphere of nature and the mountains. Located at the Prigen, Pasuruan, East Java.

Taman Safari Indonesia II-Prigen is known as one of Asia's largest Safari Park, located in the National Park of Mount Arjuna Prigen, Pasuruan, East Java. Prigen Safari Park, has an area of 350 hectares and is the largest Safari Park in Southeast Asia. This park is also known has the Safari Adventure tour package which is very good, through the Arjuna Mountain National Park which filled with Benggalan Tiger, African Lion, Giant Brown Bear, Sumatran Elephant and a wide range of other rare wildlife. With a collection of exotic animals from 5 continents, Indonesia Safari Park II Prigen is the most succed safari park in Indonesia. The Park also has 7 Animal Education Shows the best in Southeast Asia. This Park is the most successful conservation Center in rescue of Javanese and Sumatran elephant Bull in the world. The Safari Park which occupies the area with the most beautiful sights in one corner of the National Park of Mount Arjuna Prigen, East Java. This Park is open daily from 08: 30 am until 05: 00 pm. Still open at Holiday.

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Animal in the Taman Safari Indonesia II
When we visited Taman Safari Indonesia II, we will found there are many Sumatran Elephant at the first time. The elephants is very friendly with the visitors. We can see them as they marched greet visitors at 10:00 am at the parking lot entrance Taman Safari Indonesia II-Prigen in the Saturday-Sunday or other holiday. They can also be found in the Asian region in a Safari vacation packages Adventure as we broke through the wonderful National Park of Mount Arjuna which is very unusual.

We can also meet their friendliness while feeding time event with visitors after the show "The Last Home Of Sumatran Elephant" Education Show at 11:00 am or after completion of the live "The Elephant Education Show" at 02:00 pm in the Plaza of Elephants. Of course, we can also feel the riding sensation the giant animal who has an ear width in the Wildlife arena Riding. These experience will be a very meaningful for us and the family while visiting at the Taman Safari Indonesia II.

sewa mobil taman safari prigenOther Facilities in Taman Safari Indonesia II-Prigen
Facilities which are found in Taman Safari Indonesia is like bus safari, artificial lakes, water bikes, canoes, swimming pool with waves, skating the mini railway that crosses the Township of African-style, garden birds, baby zoo, Ferris wheel, elephant riding, riding horses, carousel, circus performances, gocart area, children's play ground, car bombs, bomb the House of the devil, traditional art and magic on stage His Hall open Safari.

Taman Safari Indonesia II-Prigen are also constantly adding new rides one Baby Zoo to make visitors more enjoyed of travelling here. One of the most common sights found in Baby Zoo we can catch Tigers playing shepherds enjoy fresh chicken meat in the middle of the fresh water pond in their exhibit at the Baby Zoo at 12: 00 am and 2: 30 pm in the afternoon. All of it can be seen free of charge by the visitors of the Garden Safari Prigen II-Indonesia. In addition to baby zoo, other rides, Dolphin Bay, Waterworld Safari, Safari Ride & amp; Fun Zone until the spacecraft performance, namely the stuntmanshow largest in Southeast Asia,Journey To The Temple Of Terror. All package tour is of course making Indonesia Safari Park II Prigen as education regarding tourist destinations the most interesting wildlife in Indonesia at the moment.

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