Sewa Mobil Surabaya to Sempu Island and Sendang Biru Beach

Sewa Mobil Surabaya ke Sempu
Sewa Mobil Surabaya to Sempu Island and Sendang Biru Beach

Sempu is uninhabited island in south of Malang keep the tourist still fall in love with it. From Malang city, it took 4 hours for a trip to Sendang Biru, the entrance of Sempu Island. We can use a private vehicle or public transport. The trip over 4 hours will not get bored because we had many landscapes of forest and riverbanks.After arriving at the dock Sendang Biru, we must enroll in the existing forest service Office at the end of the pier. That is because Sempu mountain is a Protected natural reserve, it can makes your name recorded as visitors to the island and could become evidence in case something over the island. After that, then we must rent a boat to go to Sempu island. Price rate is around Rp.100.000 - Rp.200.000 Pricetrip.

sewa mobil pulau sempuThe travel in the ocean is not more than 5 minutes to reach the island. Sempu island is a nature reserve, so there is no building and residents in here. But Sempu island can still visited by traveler. One thing that must be done is maintain the cleanliness and sustainability of the island. An island covering an area of 880 acres it has some beautiful Beach destinations like twins. However one must visit destinations the traveler is Segara Anakan. It has a beautiful lagoon of white sand, blue water complete with toska and clean. This is a lagoon located behind the Indian Ocean, constrained by coral wall. To get here, you have to be tracking around 2 hours or more. Depends on the mastery of the terrain and soil moisture levels. 

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During the summer the journey will be easier because the land is dry and hard, easy to pass. Also because the track can be seen clearly. It's unlike during the summer, in rainy days, the trip can last longer. The ground can be muddy and the track cannot seen clearly. The energy drained during the tracking will be completely paid off when arriving at the Segara Anakan. Beautiful view of the lagoon can be seen all the time, either day or night. Daytime is the best time to play in this lagoon. Although the weather is hot, but the water in this lagoon still cool. Because Segara Anakan surrounded by trees and there are also several caves around him. 

Because the island is uninhabited, does not have a flow of electricity. The light can be produced from a flashlight or a campfire. Listen to the sound of the nature and lying in the sand is the best choice for enjoying your trip. In additional case you can not meet that because there are many traveler stay overnight, it is during the weekend. If you want to stay overnight here, don't forget to bring a tent and equipment. Also means bringing clean water and food because there are no shop and restaurant in here.

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