Sewa Mobil Surabaya to Songa Rafting Probolinggo

sewa mobil songa rafting probolinggo Sewa Mobil Surabaya to Songa Rafting, Probolinggo

Visiting Probolinggo is like a trip to the past over 500 years ago. When Hayam Wuruk as a king at Majapahit. It is said that according to folklore after Prime Minister of Majapahit, Gajahmada succed to unity the Nusantara at 1537 M, Hayam Wuruk was the first person who witness a beautiful landscape of Probolinggo. Because he amazed and fascinated by nature landscape, he stay for some time in there. That place was later known as Prabu Linggih, which gradually changed the pronounciation to Probolinggo. 

That's where there is a very beautiful place of rafting, the water is clear, and his nature very exotic. The name Pekalen River. The characteristics of the river turns and craggy rock, the beautiful natural panoramas, dozens of rafting (grades 2 to 3) that is exotic and challenging, the splendor of beauty, waterfalls and caves of bats, as well as still seen in some rare wildlife such as the Eagle, birds, monkeys, monitor lizards Orioles, otters, squirrels etc become unique attraction that you can enjoy. 

Located in the hamlet Angin-angin, Ranu Gedang village and ends in the hamlet Gembleng, Pesawahan village or Condong village, Gending sub-district. Journey to finish this river is approximately three hours if we were from Surabaya or Malang. Rafting in Pekalen is divided into 2 sections, Pekalen Atas and Pekalen Bawah. The distance is different. Pekalen atas is 12km and Pekalen bawah 10km. In this journey, the participants will be able to feel fresh and swift the waterfall.

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Beside that we can also see cave of bat with hundred of bats who shall cry and flying up around. When we passing through there, we can also smells them. Anyway Pekalen rafting is a beautiful place, one of the most beautiful rivers in Indonesia should we visit.

As a additional information that you must know. The Pekalan river is sourced from the springs of Mount Argopuro and Lamongan in East Java. The Pekalen is the permanent river, because still navigable during the summer though with a current that is not too heavy. Unlike in January through April with a high water discharge flow of water becomes heavier due to a rainy season. The River is categorized has a difficulty level (grade) II and III+.

Rafting in the Pekalen Bawah will go through 32 rapids until you finish it. Each raft had a name of its own. Giving the names of the rapids is unique, that is based on the events that occur when rafting. For example, there is a rapids named rapids Indosat. The name was given to the rapids because there are an Indosat official fell into the rapids.

The Pekalen Atas have a higher rate for rafting compared to Pekalen Bawah, but in there we can rafting and passed over waterfall. The trip distance is about 12 kilometres and traveled for 3 hours. Rafting on pekalen doesnt need many rowing, rafting as well as in the area of West Java, because in Pekalen there are 55 rapids like Welcome, Batu Jenggot, Pandawa, Rajawali, Xtravaganza, KPLA, Tripple Ace, The Fly Matador, Hiu, Cucak Rowo, Long Rapid, Good Bye. Also there are Inul, called so because to pass through the rapids, every rafting member must dance like Inul.

sewa mobil songa probolinggoAs usual we will get some advice about commands for the rafting, such as paddle forward, backward, stop, boom, and others. Speciality in Pekalen Atas is that we can see 10 beautiful waterfalls and feel it. The excitement we're not just looking at it. But we do rafting through the waterfall. First we will pass the rapids then we will get behind the waterfall. Then we have to cross through waterfall. But this time we will feel the fresh of waterfall, because participants stopped for a while by his guide. Interesting isn't it?

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