Sewa Mobil Surabaya to Papuma and Watu Ulo Beach

sewa mobil papumaSewa Mobil Surabaya to Papuma and Watu Ulo Beach

Trip to papuma takes approximately four hours if we departed from surabaya. Papuma located in same territorial within Watu ulo, Jember, East java. Natural scenery dominated by the sea can be enjoyed when we are entering its watu ulo. The blue sea water, splash waves and trees are the landscapes that we can enjoy. Coast papuma itself is an abbreviation of sand white malikan. So called not without reason, coast papuma do have sand fine white coiled about 35 acres to the shoreline along 25 km. 

Papuma Beach 
The distance from Jember to Papuma is about 38 kilometres, but almost every day this beach never deserted from visitors. This Beach has stones are referred as Malikan, stone released sounds like music when exposed to the waves. Malikan was the flat stone which like a coral and there are seven, each of which has a name is Batara Guru island, Krishna island, Narodo island, Nusa Barong island, Kajang island, and Frog island. The form of coral long ago as island very distinctive, like an island toads similar like giant toads, island narodo resembling a hat gods narada. Two stones as an Papuma icon are Kajang and Narada. Don't worry if we looking for food, because there are also vendors along the coast as well as the owner of the stall that provides beach specialties, such as grilled fish and the more menu. Also we can choose a new fresh fish directly unloaded from fishing boats as well as purchase the catch of fishermen to be grill. But you should be carefull because there are still monkey hanging around that is always ready to steal your food. Papuma still very natural. The tourist in Papuma beach can enjoy natural beauty including the sunrise and sunset. We can enjoying the natural beauty from Sitinggil in the morning to see the sunrise and evening to see the sunset. There are beautiful landscape along the eye looks. Don't miss it when visiting Papuma beach. 

watu ulo rent carAround the Coast
The natural beauty of Papuma is actually a blend of natural beauty with forests, seas, as well as the cluster of islands that use the name of the puppet. Low tide, visitors can see mount Narada and touch them directly, that can be good place for fishing.

Papuma also has available facilities for campign. Beach Manager provides several camping locations that offer exotic atmosphere at night time. This facility is provided to meet the needs of campers and outbound activities. The Manager provides a camping equipment can be rented at an affordable price, for rent, among others, the usual tent tent tent and Scout Executive. If you prefer it, you can pay it with tariffs of between Rp. 125.000 to Rp. 400.000 per night.

Ticket entrance for this place at regular days is Rp. 5000 and Rp. 7.000 at holidays, including weekends. We must pay parking ticket Rp 1.000 for two-wheeled vehicles, Rp. 2,000 four-wheeled and six-wheel Rp 6,000 per unit. The beauty of this place can be feel since the journey towards Watu Ulo and Papuma. That two place actually located on the same place, but separated with cliff.

pantai watu uloWatu Ulo
To reach Papuma, visitors must go through the Watu Ulo tourist area, because the gate to Papuma and Watu Ulo just one. Watu Ulo from Javanesse language,which mean Snake Stone. Watu Ulo have myths which associated with folklore around there, the stone shaped like snake.

On a normal day, there are not many visitors who come to Watu Ulo except on holidays and the another big day. Most tourists are now coming to Watu Ulo just for transit, or simply passing to continuing the journey to Papuma beach.

Nevertheless, Watu Ulo has an annual tradition held every 1st Syawal up to 10th Syawal. It was the culmination of an entire community activities held in the village of Sumberrejo, district Ambulu, in collaboration with The Regional Government Income Jember. Enter the Watu Ulo charged Rp. 5.000 per person, does not include vehicles retribution. That's all we must know about Papuma and Watu Ulo beach, interesting isn't it?

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