Sewa Mobil Surabaya to Plengkung Beach Banyuwangi

sewa mobil pantai plengkungSewa Mobil Surabaya to Plengkung Beach Banyuwangi

Plengkung beach is one of the tourism places in Banyuwangi, East Java. Plengkung beach has such a beautiful landscape, also beautiful waves for surfers. The beach is known as the beach wich is ideal for water sports-surfing because it has a huge wave.Plengkung or known as G-Land is a paradise for professional surfers from within the country or abroad. The letter G is derived from the name of a Grajagan Bay, which has large waves. G-Land is surrounded by tropical rain forest. May to October is the best month to surf. G-Land surf sports offers the most favored by the pesurfer and is recommended only for the professional pesurfer because the waves that can reach 5 meters. Most of the surfers took off from Bali, through Banyuwangi directly to G-Land or to Grajagan, then rent a boat to the beach Plengkung. To stay available Cottage and a Jungle camp near the coast for the visitors. 
plengkung sewa mobil surabaya
The trip to Plengkung beach started from Malang, if we use private transportation, we can heading towards Jember by passing Probolinggo. From Jember towards to Banyuwangi by passing sub district Gleenmore and Genteng, and then follow the instruction in the Path Board to Grajagan Beach and Trianggulasi Beach. Because the purpose to the Plengkung beach, then we turn left directin to Trianggulasi Beach. Follow the instruction on the way up in the Kalipait which is the boundary between residential areas and forest. And then you will found a national park Alas Purwo's guard post at there, we can get information from them. 

Pantai plengkung did not only have its beautiful landscape it also as a favorite place surfer in the world. The waves as high as 4-5 meters coming periodically make the attraction the surf ( surf ) to become even more challenging.Because it has a huge wave, this beach has ever held a international surfing competition. 

Anything interesting on the beach plengkung besides his beautiful scenery the beach, there are timekeeper helipad and some camp.In fact existence of the camp many hired by foreign tourist. According to the information the rate is fairly expensive due use of foreign currency. With stay at camp make it easier for those who want to surf stay hitchhike and directly toward the shore. 

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In fact besides Plengkung, on the Alas Purwo National Park, there is Triangular Beach and Pancur. From both the beach could also be witnessed by its beautiful panorama Sun. Everything you can enjoy if you visit Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, but it's not so crowded with beach plengkung. Interesting isn't it?

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