Sewa Mobil Surabaya to Pantai Dream Land - Bali

Sewa Mobil Surabaya to Pantai Dream Land - Bali

Pantai Dreamland Bali

Located in Pecatu area, a beautiful beach resort there is have much visitor by local and foreign tourists, the beach is called Dreamland Beach. For the location is still in the south of Bali Island, Jimbaran near to Garuda Wisnu Kencana ( GWK ). The beach does have a beautiful view of the beach level with KUTA and even more unique than Kuta , the tourist will be much more beautiful when the atmosphere when empty of visitors .. hehe .. Dreamland Beach is in kerumuni by cliffs towering cliffs and there are also large rocks around the beaches . This white sandy beach , located at the bottom of steep cliffs create beautiful panoramic scenes . The uniqueness of this panorama of Dreamland beach also became the target of the surfers , but can swim , dive to enjoy the crystal clear water and see the sights at the bottom of the sea , there is also the beauty of the sunset (sunset ) which tempt the visitor , enjoy the beautiful nature and fascinating , it is comfortable with the sound of waves, will make visitors feel at home for long in the beach resort of Dreamland . pull it in the parking lot toward the shore close enough distance .

Tempat Wisata Keluarga

The origin of the name is a historical Dreamland Dreamland beach area that there was a housing project and tourist attraction. but the project stopped and abandoned, while the villagers Pecatu who used his life as a farmer they are hopeful the project will be completed so that they can pursue other business in the field of tourism, for example, sell handicrafts, be local, sell food and other beverages . Because look great expectations of the local community with the land and a land of the future for them, then give the name of a place to Dream Land (land of dreams).

Wisata Pantai Surfing

Dream land beach when viewed from a typical sprawling sand beaches in the area, as well as shuttle similar to the waves of Kuta beach area, and many have labeled him the next Kuta beach, but the beach Dreamland can say much more beautiful than Kuta beach. because there were trimmings sekililing rock beach, but visitors from Kuta beach is more crowded than Dreamland beach. natural beauty like white sand, steep gully into the beautiful scenery that is breathtaking to look at. The water is still crystal clear look.

Tempat Wisata Karang

karena tempatnya yang sepi dengan tipikal ombak yang cukup bagus, membuat para peselancar mania dimanjakan ombak yang cukup bagus, banyak wisatawan asing berbondong bondong untuk mampir ke sini. Pantai Dreamland juga mensuguhkan pemandangan karang yang luar biasa unik. dan seringkali digunakan sebagai latar pemotretan prewed, model dan bahkan untuk keperluan shooting film yang ditayangkan di Indonesia maupun di luar negeri. Keberadaan karang karang tersusun alami menambah nuansa eksotis, romantis selaras terpadu dari Pantai Dreamland selain suguhan pemandangan sunsetnya.

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