Sewa Mobil Surabaya to Sengkaling Theme Park

Tempat Wisata Sengkaling
Located on Jl. Raya Mulyoagung No. 188 Dau, Malang, East Java. Located about 10km from the city of Malang. The location is very strategic because it was right be by the highways that are linking between Malang and Batu city, besides it's very easily to reach by any vehicle.
Sengkaling theme park has an overal +/- 9 hectare (6 hectare of gardens and shade trees). With various facilities that has its own advantages compared to other tourist destination. One of the advantages is that there a tour of the water, all the water comes from a natural source. It is said, one of source is Kolam Tirta Alam, it was believed can make people still young. Untill today there are many people did believes.

Wisata Kota MalangFacilites
Find joy in the Sengkaling Theme Park by various existing rides. There are water parks and game rides that will make us feel more enjoyed. Some of these are
Pesona Primitif Pool
Pesona Tirta Alam Pool
Pesona Tirta Sari Pool
Squid Pool
Water Bike
Flying Fox
4D Cinema
ATV rides

That's all we must know about Sengkaling Theme Park, interesting isn't it?

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