Sewa Mobil Surabaya to Taman Wisata Mekarsari Bogor

Sewa Mobil Surabaya to Taman Wisata Mekarsari Bogor

Wisata Mekarsari Bogor
Sewa Mobil Surabaya

The location of this Mekarsari at Highway Jonggol Cullinan , Bogor Regency . When in the travel from Jakarta to get to this place about an hour , it was also when the trip is not jammed . Mekarsari is an exotic garden collecting various types of fruit plants from various regions in Indonesia . PT Sari Blooms Superior which is managing Mekarsari mensuguhkan interesting program with many facilities that can be said complete. So travelers already in Tourism Park which covers 264 hectares , we will in suguhi various types of tourist attractions .

Liburan Bersama Keluarga

Adventurous visitors can Mekarsari starting to wear around the tourist train which had been prepared there to sight see a collection of existing plants . During the tour , the tourists will pass through some interesting sights such as nursery areas , nursery areas , outbound rides , plastic house , fishing pond , vegetable garden , fruit trees in pots , garden tour melon , garden barking , citrus , rambutan , jackfruit , starfruit and so forth.

Tempat Rekreasi

At the time of crossing melon plantation tour , travelers should look down for a moment to see the melon plant is in a plastic house . If while visiting melon plants were fruiting , travelers can reap melons directly from the trunk . Melon types available are quite varied , such as jade melon flower , glamor , golden langkawi , golden light and Renong . Once satisfied with walking around with train travel , tourists can take a break at the waterfall building . The building is quite unique because of the rooftop water flowing down like a waterfall.

Wisata Air Terjun

Fruit Featured at Park Mekarsari

Mekarsari to date has already collected thousands of plants of several species . In addition to fruit grown in accordance with the original , there are also fruit plants that are the result of laboratory Mekarsari own creations . Some products that have been produced from this laboratory has managed to attract visitors , even have become a superior product . Call it as Barbados cherry , pineapple Arnis , toon klow guava , guava irung Petruk , guava cloves , nangkadak , pedakka and cempeka.

Three types of the fruit of the latter is the result of a cross between Cempedak and jackfruit . The taste and aroma so typical . Sweet like Cempedak but shaped like a jackfruit . The plant is currently in the process of development . If interested in purchasing seedlings , can be at the Garden Center , a place where tourists can buy a variety of fruit plant propagating material.

Package Holidays in the Park program Mekarsari

Berjimbun activity that can be done in Mekarsari , ranging from fruit picking tour , children's toys travel , outbound travel to education . To follow the activities tourists can select packages that have been provided by the manager , such as tour packages planting , cultivation , gardening tours , student packages , corporate packages , camp , outbound , plant tissue culture , entertainment packages and much more . All these packages are made available to help us do activities while in the biggest tropical fruit garden in the world .

If you are interested in visiting Mekarsari , immediately schedule your visit . To further provide comfort and satisfaction , you should confirm first by telephone , in order to get a clear enough information about the facilities and the perfect time to visit . You may ask , what is the plants bear fruit , because not all plants bear fruit any time simultaneously. You certainly do not want to be disappointed by looking at existing plants in Mekarsari without seeing the fruits hanging .

Rental Mobil Surabaya

Especially if you visit in the group , of course, have to confirm first that the time was on the scene , you will feel more comfortable , and you certainly entourage will always be guided by the clerk of the court is given a description of the existing facility.

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